We're making referrals the No.1 way to hire

Just £2,000 per hire, which we split 50/50 with the referrer

How it works

Hiring? Use our referral technology, partnerships with professional communities, network of thousands of specialists and your own employees, to reach high-quality candidates in a new way. All whilst cutting your external recruitment costs.

Looking to earn some extra income? Help people in your network find their dream role and get paid £1,000 every time your referral leads to a hire.

“Community is the most powerful force in the world. I love being a part of it.”

Christie Fidura – Director, Developer Community, Salesforce

The average number of connections per  Linkedin profile is 500-999

Since the outbreak of  COVID-19, online community participation has increased by 81%

76% of internet users participate in an online community

Our Mission

Let’s face it, whether you’re a candidate looking for a job or a company looking for talent, the process sucks. That’s why we’re on a mission to change it.

How? We’re making referrals the No. 1 way for companies to hire.

Why? Because referrals have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for both companies and candidates, but only account for a small percentage of all hires.

That’s why we’ve developed the technology and are building the network to supercharge the referral process and greatly increase that percentage to the point where referrals become the No. 1 way for companies to hire.