Frequently Asked Questions

As a Referrer…

  • You will be paid $1,500 for every referral you make through WorkFolk that leads to a candidate signing an employment contract with an employer.

    You’ll be paid by WorkFolk within 30 days of WorkFolk receiving its fee from the employer into your account.

  • Once you have made a referral, the candidate will receive a personalised email with details of the company and role. They then select whether they’d like to be referred for the role or if they want to reject it.

    The referral is only shared with the employer if the candidate has consented.

  • No! Good try though.

  • Only the first referral accepted by the employer will be eligible for payment.

For Employers

  • You only pay when you’ve made a hire through WorkFolk. There are no setup costs or subscription fees. 

    We will invoice you for $3,000 per hire, which shall be payable within 30 days of the employment contract being signed with the referred candidate.

  • No. You can sign up to WorkFolk and use it as and when you need.

  • No. You can list as many roles as you want.


  • The WorkFolk platform doesn’t allow you to use the same email address for the two different account types. We recommend using your company email for your Employer user account and an alternative for your referrer account.

    Likewise, a company can’t add you as a Employer user, if you are already signed up as a Referrer.

    If you have any more questions, please contact support who can help you get up set up.

  • Please check the format of your email address and make sure it’s valid. There may already be an account registered on the platform with the email address you are trying to use. Please contact support if you need assistance.