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In a matter of minutes, you can list a job for free and start receiving the best active and passive candidates from the WorkFolk network, which is made up of thousands of talented individuals and the very best professional communities.

WorkFolk also simplifies the process of leveraging referrals from your very own employees and tapping into their vast networks ensuring your jobs get maximum exposure to both internal and external referrers.

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    Sign up and list jobs for free

    Create your company profile and list your jobs in just a couple of minutes

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    Receive candidates from the WorkFolk network

    Your jobs are then shared with our network of talented individuals and the very best professional communities

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    Receive candidates from your company’s network

    Share links to your jobs on Slack, Teams, WhatsApp and post them straight to LinkedIn

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    Manage all of your referrals in one place

    View all referrals, request introductions, track their progress and let WorkFolk take care of the referrer payouts