The Job Search Process Sucks, and We’re Going to Change It

Let’s face it, the process of finding a new job sucks! 

It typically takes 3-6 months and about 100-200+ applications to secure just one job offer! One job offer! And it might not even be a good one.

That’s a huge amount of time and effort. In that amount of time you could have learnt a whole new language…or watched a whole season of Love Island (we don’t judge).

Then consider that people typically change careers five to seven times during their working life.

That means people could be spending 3.5 years of their lives endlessly scrolling through job boards, tailoring CVs, completing long-winded applications and attending countless interviews only to be met with constant rejection or a deathly silence. Sign me up!

With that in mind, is it really surprising that 80% of people in the UK are NOT happy with their current career or job role? Would more people take the plunge and change jobs if the process was easier? Folk yeah!

The current archaic job search process has been hindering people from realising their dreams and aspirations, and we’re committed to changing it.

How? We’re on a mission to make referrals the No. 1 way for people to find jobs.

Referred candidates have the highest application to hire conversion rate. In fact, they are 4x more likely to be offered a job than other applicants. They also have far greater job satisfaction and stay in their roles 70% longer than other employees.

But here’s the crazy part. Currently, only 7% of the applications a company receives comes from referrals.

That’s why we’ve developed the technology and are building the network to supercharge the referral process and greatly increase that percentage to the point where referrals become the No .1 way for people to find jobs.

Through WorkFolk, candidates will no longer need to endure the traditional job application process and will instead receive job roles directly in their inbox, all from referrals by individuals within their network. All they need to do is review the role and tick a box to consent to the referral.

When a referral leads to a hire, the employer gains a top talent, the candidate secures an exciting new job, and the referrer earns a well-deserved £1,000 reward! It’s a true win-win-win situation for everyone!

We’re right at the beginning of our journey and many challenges lay ahead, but with your support, we’ll get there, and make referrals the No .1 way for people to find jobs.

Folk yeah!

Sign up as a referrer for free and checkout the WorkFolk Job Board to start helping people in your network find their dream job.

If you’re an employer, book a demo and we’ll show you first-hand how we’re changing the game.