Meet the team behind WorkFolk

Let’s face it, whether you’re a candidate looking for a job or a company looking for talent, the process sucks. That’s why we’re on a mission to change it.

How? We’re making referrals the No. 1 way for people to find jobs.

Why? Because referrals have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for both companies and candidates, but currently only account for a small percentage of all hires.

That’s why we’ve developed the technology and are building the network to supercharge the referral process and greatly increase that percentage to the point where referrals become the No .1 way for people to find jobs.

When a referral through WorkFolk leads to a hire, the company gains a top talent, the candidate secures an exciting new job, and the referrer earns a well-deserved £1,000 reward! It’s a true win-win-win situation for everyone. Folk yeah!

Okay, that sounds pretty cool, but how the folk are you going to achieve that?!

We’ve assembled a kickass team of Founders, NEDs and Advisors who each have a specialist skill set and area of expertise that relates directly to one of our 3 key objectives:

1. Modernize the outdated job search process, aligning it with the current era, and making it a positive experience for candidates.
2. Create a more efficient and less expensive way for employers to hire the best talent.
3. Empower talented individuals and professional communities to help solve real employer problems and earn extra income.


Jon Clarke – Co-Founder

Purpose: Overall strategy and execution. 

Worthiness: Jon is a second time founder having always said the first time would be his last (to anyone that would listen). 

He built one of the first mobile ordering platforms for hospitality businesses that has processed £66 million+ to date from over 1,000 venues across the UK.

Jack Irwin-Smith – Co-Founder

Purpose: Establish the WorkFolk brand and product.

Worthiness: Jack is not just an average guy with an expensive name. A Creative Director with nearly a decade of experience in building brands and crafting product narratives.

Interestingly, Jon gave Jack his first job after university many years ago and now they’re working together as Co-Founders. Does that mean that since then Jack has done really well or Jon has done really badly? Let’s go with a bit of both.

Glenn Mason – Co-Founder 

Purpose: All things product and engineering.

Worthiness: Glenn has been building awesome websites, games and products for years and has collaborated many times with both Jon and Jack.

The great thing about Glenn’s products is they work 60% of the time, every time!


Will Miller – Non-Executive Director

Purpose: Corporate governance, marketing & brand strategy, WorkFolk network strategy & acquisition.

Worthiness: Will has extensive experience of building communities and networks having played a huge part in building TechNation, the UK Government’s tech community, as their Chief Growth Officer. Before that, Will helped grow CV Library to over £40m revenue per year as their Marketing Director. 

Currently Will is working with Zinc as their CMO focusing on building mission driven ventures that will impact societies worldwide.

Advisors – Talent Acquisition 

Bonnie Dilber – Advisor 

Purpose: Product strategy, thought leadership. 

Worthiness: Bonnie leads the business recruiting team at Zapier, a company that not only has an awesome product, but is often referred to as the benchmark for best recruitment practices in tech.

Bonnie is also somewhat of a thought leader on recruiting and workplace culture with a LinkedIn following that’s close in size to the population of Iceland!

Andrew Sully – Advisor

Purpose: Product strategy, thought leadership. 

Worthiness: Andy has worked in talent acquisition for almost 20 years, including 4 years working with Jon as a Head of Talent where they made over 200 hires together.

Jamie Bose – Advisor

Purpose: Product strategy, thought leadership. 

Worthiness: Jamie is currently a Director of Talent Acquisition for a global transformation consultancy and specializes in taking fast-paced, high-growth start-ups through periods of hyper growth.

Advisors – Community 

Aušrinė Keršanskaitė – Advisor

Purpose: WorkFolk network strategy and acquisition. 

Worthiness: Aušrinė is one of the Co-Founders of Operations Nation, which is the leading professional community for current and future operations leaders. If that’s not enough, she’s also the Head of Operations at Reframe Technologies. 

Andy Milton – Advisor

Purpose: WorkFolk network strategy and acquisition. 

Worthiness: Andy started out as a Consultant at EY before becoming a tech recruiter. He then retrained as a backend engineer and is now the founder of leading tech community, the London Tech Network!

Advisor – Comedy 

Olly Hume – Advisor

Purpose: Make people laugh.

Worthiness: Olly is a comedy writer, producer and content creator and has spent the majority of his career working in TV on the likes of A League of Their Own, The Jonathan Ross Show and The John Bishop Show.

We’re not just on a mission to make referrals the No. 1 way for people to find jobs, we’re also on a mission to make people laugh, and Olly is a big part of that.

In case you missed it, here’s Olly in action in our launch video.