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The job search process sucks! But you can help change it.

We’re building a network of the best professional communities and the most talented individuals who together are using their connections, skills, and expertise to help candidates find their dream job.

And here’s the best part — it’s entirely free to join and you’ll receive a $1,500 reward for every successful referral.

Hiring with WorkFolk

We’ve created a new way to discover top talent that greatly reduces the amount of time you’ll need to spend sifting through irrelevant applications and sourcing candidates.

You can sign up and share a role with the WorkFolk network in minutes. You’ll then start to receive perfectly matched candidates, who are vouched for by our network of 40,000+ exceptionally talented individuals and the very best professional communities.

Just post roles as and when you need to, and only pay a one-off fee of $3,000 when you make a hire.

“Community is the most powerful force in the world. I love being a part of it.”

Christie Fidura – Director, Developer Community, Salesforce

The average number of connections per  Linkedin profile is 500-999

Since the outbreak of  COVID-19, online community participation has increased by 81%

76% of internet users participate in an online community

How it works for candidates

We’re changing the job search process by eliminating the need for endless hours spent scouring job boards and submitting application after application.

Through WorkFolk, you’ll receive job opportunities directly in your inbox. Simply review the role, consent to the referral with a quick tick, and your application will go straight to the hiring team.

Request a referral

If you come across a job that catches your eye, you can take action immediately by clicking on the job and requesting a referral. You’ll then be able to share the role with someone in your network who can vouch for how awesome you are.